Cornfetti’s Popcorn & Candy is a family owned and operated business. My husband Shaw is a fireman and also spent 6 years serving in the Marine Corp Reserves. He spent 20 years at the Frisco Fire Department until recently when he accepted a position as the Assistant Fire Chief for the Town of Prosper. I am a former Special Education teacher, and spent 15 years teaching within public and private schools. We have two beautiful daughters, Emerson and Olivia. Back in the 90’s, Shaw and I would spend time working at our cousin’s popcorn store, Popcorn Papa. We thoroughly enjoyed working there and learning all about the popcorn business from such knowledgeable mentors and truly the best in the business! Back in January of this year, I woke up one morning with the Lord tugging at my heart and I felt such a strong sense that it was time to take a leap of faith and dive into something new! After much prayer, I decided to go back to my roots of Popcorn Papa, where it all began back in our college days. Theresa and Craig Johnson have poured their hearts into their family business, and they did just the same for us as we moved forward with our decision to open our business under their same concept. To know we are producing the best quality popcorn recipes, some of which are over 30 years old, with only the finest ingredients is such a confident and secure feeling! Heck, we even share a lot of the same names for flavors! We may have added our own flare and personal touches, but some things you just don’t change. We are looking so forward to the years to come as we work alongside other businesses within Frisco and the surrounding areas. Serving others is what we love to do!! So if you are looking for a tasty treat for a party, corporate event, fundraiser, wedding, or other special occasion, be sure to come by. We look forward to serving you! AND this my friends, is how Cornfetti’s Popcorn & Candy was established!

Many thanks,
Kristi & Shaw Eft